Scotty Abbott our team rider and an Aussie Surfing legend
(Scotty Abbott, RTV team surfer & Australian surfing legend)

Ride The Vibe
is a life style lived by Riders from all across this globe, who are stoked on life and everything that we can ride. We are a multi-faceted company, using high energy positive activities such as Moto, Surf, Wake, Skate, Snow, Bike, Kite, Base Jumping and so much more to live life to absolute fullest as well as inspire other likeminded stoked people. 



The TRIBE is made up of the gnarliest riders from all over the world and in all extreme sport disciplines. We sponsor rippers who not only shred at the sport they love, but also think outside the box.


Dan Rachmel


Chill vibes only! This ripper is such a laid back dude, he could show you up on Motocross Bike or a skate board, yet, he doesn't have to prove anything. Dirtbike Dan is the brainchild and owner behind the best outerwear gear company in the world "Strikt". Anything from SuperCross, MotoCross to Skate, he has the ability and skill to rip it up like a bows.
We pumped to have met this absolute Beauty and have him apart of the TRIBE!
Follow Dan and strikt on Instagram: @dbd_990 or @striktgear

Scotty Abbott

A true blue Aussie bloke who also happens to be a legend of his sport. Scotty is from Sandringham, Melbourne, Australia but is known through out the State and the Country for his surfing abilities. A Victorian Surfing Champion and Forever young at heart, we can honestly say we are proud to have you apart of the TRIBE! 
You can follow this legend on Instagram: @scottyabbottt


Carl Kuster

Back-Country Ski-Doo expert, multiple time World Champion and X-Games Sno-cross Gold Medalist Carl Kuster is a RTV certified Bad-Ass. Snow-Mobiling, Moto-cross, Enduro, Enduro-X, Mechanic, Business Owner and what ever else he wants to be, it's safe to say Carl is a extremely smart guy with an attitude that is near impossible to beat. We are so stoke to have crossed paths with this Legend, let alone have him apart of the TRIBE!
You can follow Carl and his team online at as well as Instagram: @carlkustermountainpark

Josh Haycroft

A super rad kid from Melbourne, Australia. Skates for OCD skate shop and stomps tricks like its his day job. We salute you Rattis!
You can follow the steeze machine on Instagram: @joshhaycroft

Jessie Oatway

Jessie is known for his insane ability to flip, twist and huck the gnarliest of Back-country Booters on his Snowboard - Hailing from Golden, BC, Canada with his purist grasp on life, he sure is a one-of-a-kind kinda dude. Not only do we sponsor Jesse as certified RTV ripper we also use his productions for our media content. It is with great honour that we name Jessie Oatway one our TRIBE riders.
Follow this smooth criminal on Instagram: @toatsmcoats & @oatway_productions 

James Marshall

A crazy ass hombre, Marshall has a Deathwish and defy's the law's gravity and physics on the daily. Not only does he quite literally send himself off of cliffs, bridges & planes, this TRIBE member gets gnarly at anything he can get his shreddy shreddy hands on. Like what you ask? How's Snowboarding, Wake Boarding, Surfing, Motocross and literally anything he desires. We are so honoured to have you apart of the TRIBE, Marshdaddy!
You can follow James on Instagram: @james.marshall122

Charlie Ford

Chaz has something special, the unique skill and creativity to capture the beauty of extreme sports like Skating. Having spent his entire life as a keen Skater and all things rad, he has developed an understanding of how best to capture the energy behind the skater or rider. We not only sponsor Charlie Ford as a TRIBE rider but also use his photography and footage in our Media.
You can follow his story on Instagram: @chazford


Calvin Cheatham 

Cheatha is another bad ass dude who is super easy going and just so happens to huck himself in FMX. He can throw filthy filthy whips on his YZ250 2 smoke but has a wide variety of tricks up his sleeve when talking FMX. Cheatha recently spent a year and half living the dream and riding FMX as a day job in Henquin Bay, China. He was lucky enough to be hooked up with the prestigious Freestyle Kings Freestyle MotoCross Team. Keep up to date with the daily shenanigans and follow Calvin Cheatham on Instagram: @iamcheatha

 Colby Gort

This young savage has mastered just about every damn upright trick in the book. Only 21 years of age, his body is capable of things that most can't even comprehend. Soaring through the air on a 230 pound hunk of metal for 75 feet whilst doing a handstand on the handle bars is what it takes to be an FMX rider, you are the man Cheese!
You can follow this slim geezy on Instagram: @colby32_1