Sam King's - DIRT SCHOOL


With 19 years of experience in the sport, head coach Sam King has developed a strong understanding of Trials and Enduro.

presented by Beta Canada
Having performed & competed all across the world there is no doubt the team at Ride The Vibe can improve all your skills, balance and confidence.
Whether it's a one on one or group session, we cater for everybody from beginners to seasoned experts in Trials to Enduro. We divide the riders into groups of similar ability to specialize the day around you, working on your weaknesses, whilst having a wicked, fun experience!
Itinerary :
9 AM - Sign in / Registration
9.30 AM -
Start clinic, Bike set-up and maintenance discussion, begin various drills
12 - Lunch Break
12.30 - "Follow the leader"/warm up on course of the drills previously executed in morning, Continue developing skills in "real life" situations on the trail or track
3.30 - Course End

Please arrive on site no later than 9 am 

Why is Sam King's Dirt School unique? 
Sam King has over 22 years of experience in riding and competing in trials and Enduro.  Trials has the basis of all motorcycle skills including balance, control and traction….this is dirt biking 101. As one of Canada’s leading Trials riders, Sam has dedicated his life to two wheels. From his Ride The Vibe stunt shows, and his work with Beta Canada, to coaching Dirt School and competing in both trial and enduro competitions nationally.  Sam is just not a great rider, he is a great instructor as well.

On top of all of that - Beta Canada and Sam King from Ride The Vibe have partnered up, to provide all riders of Canada with a totally unique opportunity. This opportunity includes a half day of world class, skill boosting "Dirt School" fun, followed by a FREE Beta Canada demo ride which gives riders the opportunity to ride the entire 2020 Beta demo fleet.
The FUNdamentals  - The core of all off-road riding
  • Bike Set up - Sam will review the basics of off-road bike set up
  • Know your bike - Do you know your bike?.... If you don’t we’ll rent you one of ours :)
  • Rider position - Correct posture, and body language for beginner to advanced riders
  • Confidence - Tools to provide you confidence in times of need
  • Handling your bike - From recovery methods to handling the bike in rough terrain, Sam will teach you all there is to know
  • Balance is the key to control - Sam has some secrets for improving your balance
  • Control - Remain in total control of your bike and not the other way around - its a fundamental
  • Traction - It's key to balance, control and beyond - hint….it has to do with body position
What’s Included:
The Ride The Vibe Dirt School coaching clinics are targeted at improving the skills, techniques, abilities and confidence of the off-road motorcycle rider. We have developed a course which covers valuable lessons for all off-road riders, whether that is Trials, Enduro, Motocross, Freestyle or recreational off-road riding - this is the course to maximise your dirt bike skills. 

We will also have a fantastic opportunity for Enduro riders who want to capitalize on the benefits of Trials motorcycles - Beta Canada have sponsored the Sam King Dirt School's with 3 x Beta Trials bikes that will be in 
rotation through-out each of the courses. Additionally there is always the opportunity to hire a bike for you to use for the entire course.
 The RTV Dirt School clinics are subject to be adjusted to the groups needs/abilities as well as the terrain features available. Our objective is to have the ride clinics be grouped with riders who have a similar level of ability. This way we can keep everyone safe and get the entire group learning together.  For this reason it is important to choose the right course level for your ability previous to participating in the course of your choosing.  Choose wisely for best results.
 The Sam King Dirt Schools are focused around “light” bike techniques.   The appropriate bike will be any “trail” oriented bike of 2 or 4 stroke variant between 100cc - 500c typically weighing less than 300lbs.  Example: Beta 300RR 2 stroke and Honda CRF230L.  Trials bikes and smaller trail bikes from any dirt bike manufacturer are great ( sorry, no KLRs or adventure bikes).  Your bike should be in good working condition upon arrival for best results.  There are no staff on hand to make repairs, all repairs and damages are the responsibility of the rider.
Trials Specific courses 
Sam King & Beta Canada will be providing Trials specific courses to riders who are looking to learn boost their Trials skills. These courses are for Trials bikes only - don't worry, if you don't own a Trials bike or yours is old and battered, Beta Canada offer rentals at all of Sam King's Dirt School events.
 Level 1 - Novice (not a beginner) to Intermediate
Rider criteria
  • You will have experience riding off-road and other recreational vehicles
  • Must be able to confidently and safely ride in a group setting
  • Rider can stop and start safely and in control using a manual clutch
  • Must be able to confidently use the clutch and ride shifting gears
  • You can ride over semi-rough terrain in control - we’ll show you some tricks!
 Level 1 - Course Content
  • The Dirt School Fundamentals  
  • Clutch control
  • Static balance
  • Full lock turns
  • Clutch control exercises
  • Weighting front to back end of your bike
  • Start to pop the front wheel (yes off the ground!)
  • Small and medium size log crossing <12”, other obstacles depending on ability
 Level 2 - Intermediate to Advanced
Rider Criteria
  • You should have a few years experience riding off-road
  • Conduct with ease all level 1 requirements
  • Must be able to confidently and safely ride in a group setting
  • Should be confident with up to medium size log crossings 12”+
  • Rider is able to do smaller controlled wheel lifts
 Level 2 - Course Content 
  • The Dirt School Fundamentals (level appropriate) 
  • Suspension - basics of what you should be adjusting, spring rate, sag etc.
  • Wheel lifts -  timing, positioning and targeting
  • Weighting and un-weighting
  • "Double-Blip"- overcoming obstacles
  • Pivot turns & managing your bike under power for positioning ease
  • Weighting the front end to lift the rear wheel (slightly)
  • Cornering exercise
  • Hill Climbs/descends/Starts
 Level 3 - Advanced
Rider Criteria 
  • Conduct with ease all level 2 requirements
  • You are a solid and seasoned off-road rider with many hours on single track
  • Some racing experience, cross country, and enduro environments
  • Larger obstacles and tough terrain does not intimidate you….much
  • The Double-Blip is accomplished with ease on medium size obstacles 16”+
  • You are in control of your bike at all times (Mostly)
  • You own or will rent a high-performance off-road motorcycle for this course
This course will dive into the more intense "Hard-Enduro", "Enduro-X" and "Expert Trials" techniques.  Courses are held at appropriate sites with the terrain required for this level of riding.
Your Bike: Is a high-performance “light”enduro bike of either 2 or 4 stroke and no larger than a 500cc model but preferably not larger than 450cc…..A typical bike for this course is a Beta 300RR 2 stroke or similar comparable model of adequate brand….Beta Canada made us say that. 
Level 3 - Course Content 
  • The Dirt School Fundamentals (level appropriate)
  • Level 2 refresher
  • Double log jumping “Log doubles”
  • "Splat" technique, ledge rises, overcoming large or undercut obstacles
  • Rock garden / Fire wood pit
  • Jumping obstacles, drops etc.
  • Burm corners, fast cornering techniques
  • Log pivot turns
  • Controlled Wheel lifts using rear wheel brake control, progressing into slow-wheelies
  • Advanced rear wheel lifts, progressing into a rolling nose wheelie
Beta Canada sponsored - Discounted pricing! :
Full day course - $170 - regular pricing between $250 - $275
½ day course - $125
½ day double course - $99 per course - rider attends day 1 and day 2 
½ day course includes snacks
Full day course includes lunch
Evening course includes snacks
Drinks included in all courses - water only
Beta Bike Rental:
Enduro $250 per day - with $250 purchase certificate (1 year expiration)
Trial $250 per day - with $250 purchase certificate (1 year expiration)
Includes ready to ride, fully serviced motorcycle w/fuel - rental agreement required, rider must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid drivers licence.  $500 damage deposit required…..refunded immediately without damage or proportionately depending on agreed damage occurrence.