With experience performing freestyle trials stunts all over the world, Ride The Vibe know how to put on an intense performance. Using the best in the business with our athletes having performed at big name events all around the world from Australia to Malaysia and from Canada to China there is no limitations of performance possibilities.

RTV Live Freestyle-Trials Show

Trials shows can be performed in any weather, on any terrain in minimal space with spectators standing less than 15 feet from the action. Each show is unique with technical trials maneuvers, conquering purpose built obstacles. Working in with your schedule, two riders will display 15-30 minute shows up to 5 times a day.

During the summer of 2019 RTV performed 122 shows across Canada. From BC all the way to Quebec. We can perform but are not limited to the following: 

- Leaps onto the bus roof from a stand-still
- Fender-scratching balance-point wheelies
- Rolling nose-wheelies
- 360 nose wheelies
- Bus-wall riding
- Helmet-scraping low backflips

We also feature A Moto-Trials enthused dog named “Tiki”, she is known for her high adrenaline behavior not missing out on any of the crazy trials action. Tiki is definitely a team mascot bringing a massive energy boost to the performances. Tiki is a very well trained pooch who loves pats from the kids after the show.

 To check availability or request a quote be sure to email us.
Sam King in action