Beta EVO FACTORY 2T 300 2020 - Ride The Vibe

Beta EVO FACTORY 2T 300 2020

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We have partnered with the prestigious; Beta Canada to provide YOU with the opportunity to ride the latest and greatest in Off-Road motorcycles. These Motorcycles will be for hire at each and every one of Sam King's - DIRT SCHOOL clinics

Beta launches the new Evo My 2020 on the market.
Beginning with extensive development and technical refinement work carried out by Beta engineers at their Tuscany base last year, resulting in the production of an engine which provides even better performance and reliability, the new Evo My 2020 represents a further evolution, especially in terms of design and ergonomics.
With experience gained over the years spent on race tracks, this year’s Beta Factory Team made up of James Dabill and Benoit Bincaz was able to transfer all that technological know-how to the new Trial range, so that both amateurs and professionals could get access to highly-evolved bike technology.